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Spiced Mixed Nuts Holiday Gifts

I followed a recipe from cookeatpaleo for a quick diy holiday gift for a few friends.

I used olive oil instead of coconut oil because I was too lazy to melt it, maple syrup instead of honey, & the types of mixed nuts I used were cashews, pecans, & almonds.



Finally starting a little blog to compile all my/our interests, hobbies, and loves into one place.

This little outlet was named kandjhappydays because these entries will most likely incorporate both Kevin and I. Originally a hashtag (#kandjhappyday) was created to collect pictures on Instagram related to our wedding, but I’ll like to believe our happy days are not limited to one…thus the creation of this little blog!

More than likely entries will be about our dog, Ava, whom we really think is one of the best dogs in the world. Sometimes it might just be a picture of her…but sometimes those are the best.

I will also be sharing the meals have together, as we eat predominately paleo, because it has changed our lives and hope that it inspires others to eat healthier and more mindfully. We also crossfit together, which I’ll probably not talk too much about because you’ll probably not enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing about it. But, it has not only improve our lives and health individually, but has made our relationship grow stronger,which naturally happens as a couple do things together.

Another big reason I wanted to start this blog was to record all the DIYness that will go into our wedding. I am so excited!