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DIY Save the Dates

I really wanted to make my own save the dates. I wanted them to be simple, yet reflect a touch of my own creativity. 

This is what I came up with, pre-full assembly:  I just designed the layout on Microsoft Word. I downloaded various fonts and bought laurel images to tie eveything together. Pictures were easily developed from Costco. 


Paper Flower Photo Backdrop

I love those white paper flower backdrops you are bound to come across when you look up wedding ideas. I just knew I had to incorporate them in my wedding somehow and decided to make a big wall of them for the backdrop of our photo area.

I’ve been cutting and glueing a few together. 

My plan is to glue these flowers onto 3 pieces of drywall and assemble together at our venue. 

I will be sharing an update once I start putting this together! 

DIY Wedding Bouquet

I have been looking up videos and reading up on doing your own wedding flowers and it always looks so doable and easy to me. Even so, I know I had to actually try it out and see how it turns out in reality.

I finally paid a visit to a flower shop. The selection there could have been better and have more variety, but I picked up what I thought would work together and would go with the colors I have in mind.

This is what I left with: some eucalyptus leaves, wax flowers, hydrangeas, & roses.

This is what I ended up with:


It isn’t exactly what I want for my bouquet, but I’m pretty happy with it. I might give it another try with different flowers and I also found out I do not like the smell of wax flowers so I probably won’t be using it as a filler next time.

DIY Glitter Mason Jars

I have been saving a lot of jars for the past year or so because I knew they were going to be used in my wedding.

I started glittering some of them this past weekend! So fun!

I used painters tape that I cut a scalloped design on to tape around the jars. Mod podge was used to adhere fine glitter onto the jars. Tada! I’m still deciding if I should/want to put on a waterproof sealer on top of the glitter as flowers/water will be filling these beautiful jars.

“Will you be my….?”

I was searching the Internet for the perfect way to ask my sisters and friends to be apart of my wedding next year. Searches mainly lead to Pinterest and etsy and I found a lot of cute things and ideas, but nothing really caught my attention.

I wanted to make something special and cute. Thanksgiving was coming up when the perfect idea came to mind…

I put together little things I was thankful for…
Underneath all those little things was a card that said…

And then I stuffed everything into a box…


Can’t wait to make things for the wedding!